A conversation with IT leaders who are transforming their data centers with the hybrid cloud

IT Leaders: Take A Bigger Role In Shaping IT Talent In Critical Areas, The Cloud Among Them

McKinsey & Company last month wrote a report looking at the topic of why CIOs should be business-strategy partners. The writers point out that “when CIOs play an active role in business strategy, IT performance on a wide range of functional and business tasks improve.” Read More

Why We Hybrid

There has been serious debate on how hybrid is defined – Is it public versus private, local versus cloud servers, and so on. The more important question for an enterprise is why, exactly, it wants to adopt to the hybrid platform in the first place. Cloudtweaks has an interesting summary: Read More

Hybrid Instigating Shadow IT

Shadow IT is the very real boogeyman haunting enterprises today. The boom in consumer-friendly cloud products have definitely made a rise in how many unauthorized systems enterprises have to manage. But how accountable alone is the cloud? For instance, here’s a great excerpt from a recent Forbes article: Read More

Liquor Gets Cloudy

It was only a matter of time: Now spirit manufacturers are getting serious about clouds and the Internet of Things. This week the liquor company Diageo announced its partnership with the tech company ThinFilm. A special sensor can now show you if your Johnny Walker is actually aged properly. Here’s the scoop from VentureBeat: Read More

Private Clouds are Popular – and Expanding with Hybrid

It is on the shoulders of executives and C-suite professionals to find IT solutions that are as full-featured and cost effective as possible – while simultaneously offering infrastructure and operations that are helpful, agile, and ready to meet the needs of every project and every employee. Read More

Hyperconvergence Lends A Helping Hand to the Hybrid Cloud

2015 is predicted to be the year of hyperconverged infrastructure. Eighty-two percent of respondents in an independent study released in November by 451 Research of IT purchasers in midmarket companies, for example, said they are likely to adopt hyperconverged Infrastructure. Read More

New Study Shows that Hybrid Cloud is the Preferred Strategy for Many Organizations

Yet another market research report shows that the hybrid cloud has become the main cloud option for many organizations. RightScale, a provider of a cloud portfolio management solution, in its newly released State of the Cloud Report for 2015, notes that “cloud is a given and hybrid cloud is the preferred strategy.” Read More

Infrastructure Elasticity

No one ever says IT needs to toe the line and stay straight these days. If you’re stuck on one strategy, or even one server, you may not see your business survive the next 10 years (or less). Read More

On-Premise Data Still Viewed More Secure

Cloud adoption is at an all-time high, but the biggest pause is still security. For instance, here’s a recent discussion on CMSWire: Hybrid cloud models are one way of retaining some of the benefits of the cloud while minimizing the risk. While a number of organizations would be wary of putting all their content in the cloud, people generally feel more comfortable about using a hybrid model. Read More

Who Will Pick Up IT Paychecks As The Cloud's Influence Grows?

Chances are that if you’re an IT professional in the enterprise today, your function is located squarely within the IT department. In fact, 72 percent of IT staffers polled for InformationWeek’s IT Salary Survey 2014 say that the IT unit is responsible for their paychecks. Read More
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In 2015, what will be the biggest influencer for hybrid cloud adoption?
Public vs. private security needs
Data recovery
Lower costs
The Internet of Things
Rising mobile devices
Total votes: 81
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