A conversation with IT leaders who are transforming their data centers with the hybrid cloud

Will Healthcare Become a Cloud Adoption Leader?

For the past few years, healthcare and finance industries have been considered the most conservative cloud adopters. It’s for good reason, too: Healthcare has HIPAA compliance and ethical privacy issues, just as finances carry a similar burden with FDIC regulations and other limitations. As the cloud stabilizes, though – in perception as well as in reality – we may see these two areas, and healthcare in particular, become leaders in smart adoption. Read More

3 Reasons Why You Need Hybrid Cloud Today

The modern enterprise works well with hybrid cloud. Below, 3 examples of what makes hybrid the best solution for business. Read More

Survey: Security Still Biggest Cloud Blocker

Many cloud discussions haven’t been about capabilities, but about vulnerabilities – and security, specifically. Based on a recent survey, the top concern hasn’t changed in modern times. The Information Security Community through LinkedIn polled more than 1,000 cybersecurity professionals among its 250,000 members. VirtualizationReview has a synopsis of the results: Read More

Getting Hybrid Cloud Buy-In

Discussing hybrid cloud adoption, issues and benefits among tech leaders is a great practice. The danger is when that discussion stays just within tech circles. Preaching to the proverbial choir not only can create a myopic viewpoint, but also can prevent real action from taking place since key stakeholders should eventually be included in the bigger conversation. Read More

What CIOs Need to Know About Hybrid Clouds

What do technology leaders need to know about hybrid clouds before plunging into an implementation? In a recent article for CIO, I outlined some key points, as suggested by industry experts. Read More

Volkswagen Avoids Cloud for Privacy Concerns

Cars are one of the biggest benefactors of the cloud, from the startup Automatic pushing diagnostic information to Ford using tech to improve the ride. According to the publication V3, one company won’t be using off-site clouds to create a better experience: Read More

Can Apple Build Trust in the Healthcare Cloud?

This week’s Apple event had five-figure watches, razor-thin computers and other goodies, but the most fascinating aspect was a new healthcare initiative. It is called ReasearchKit. Stanford University, Mount Sinai Hospital and more notable partners are now using the iPhone to do studies. It makes sense, since potential study contributors would be more likely to use their smartphone than to fill out a form. Read More

What is the biggest barrier to cloud adoption?

Security concerns
96% (133 votes)
Upfront budget costs
1% (2 votes)
Overdependence on legacy systems
2% (3 votes)
Unfamiliarity with cloud options
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 138

Getting Good Cloud Experts

Fear of the unknown is a big hindrance to cloud adoption, but there are other reasons for hesitation. ITProPortal has a decent list: Fear, primarily with security concerns Complexity, when it comes to adoption plans Inflexibility, particularly with cloud partners Absent experts The last point is a good one. Here’s their take: Read More

Making the Bottom Line Smarter with Hybrid Cloud

Meeting business needs and business bottom lines – aka costs – is challenging. Utilizing the hybrid cloud makes it possible to spend less on overall cloud operations while utilizing all that a cloud-based system has to offer. With hybrid cloud, you can use a pay-as-you- go, or pay-as-you need, model. Instead of paying up front for a service based on averages, you need only fork over dollars for what you actually use. So you spend less and get more. Read More
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What is the biggest barrier to cloud adoption?
Security concerns
Upfront budget costs
Overdependence on legacy systems
Unfamiliarity with cloud options
Total votes: 138
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