A conversation with IT leaders who are transforming their data centers with the hybrid cloud

VMware Launches Disaster Recovery Service

Getting your business into the cloud is one thing, but keeping it there is a whole different discussion. As more enterprises join the hybrid platform, proper backup, downtime access, and other availability issues are becoming bigger priorities. Read More

Hybrid clouds have IT's attention

There's no shortage of hybrid cloud research out there. One of the more exhaustive studies is "Hosting and Cloud Study 2014: Hosting and Cloud Go Mainstream" done by The 451 Group/Yankee Group and the Uptime Institute.  Read More

When To Go Plug and Play

Earlier this year, we talked about what it takes to turn hybrid cloud interest into action. While there is a definite risk of staying on the sidelines too long, there is also a challenge when companies don’t go deep enough into their research and jump in too hastily. Read More

Cloud Gives Smaller Businesses Enterprise-Class Disaster Recovery

It has been nine years already since Hurricane Katrina struck. And yet, lessons from that disaster still resonate. Here’s one: your disaster recovery site can’t be too far away. Read More

How Many Cloud Providers Do You Need?

Tech business leaders like to keep options as open as possible. Vendor lock-ins, blind commitments, and other one-way decisions are antonym to company agility, especially in today’s fast-moving industries. But when do we spread ourselves too thinly across all the options, stacking providers on top of providers? Read More

Get In Condition For The Hybrid Cloud Draft

Looking to become a hybrid cloud superstar, in demand by cloud platform vendors, service provider partners, and the end-user businesses that need top talent to best leverage these offerings? Read More

Legacy Enterprises Betting It All on the Cloud

Startups have less to risk going completely to the cloud platform, while legacy enterprises, because of previous investments, may lean more towards keeping some local facilities. Now we are seeing traditional businesses jumping completely to the cloud. For instance, the century-old media company Conde Nast just shut down its 67,000 square foot data center and now is 100% cloud. CIO spoke with CTO and EVP Joe Simon: Read More

Evaluate Your Legacy Systems and Applications Today

In a recent post, when writing about hybrid cloud as a stop gap for some companies transitioning between platforms, Damon asked: "How vulnerable are companies that are putting their focus more on the new tech than maintaining the old platform?" Good question - I wonder how many organizations are actually evaluating this risk. Read More

How Healthcare Uses the Cloud

Last month, HIMSS’s survey shocked us with 80 percent of all healthcare organizations using the cloud. The security issues, especially in light of HIPAA compliance, obviously weren’t overriding the convenience and progress clouds offered. Read More

Benefits of Going Public or Private Cloud Before Hybrid

In most of our discussion here, we’ve said, if not presumed, that enterprises were entering the hybrid cloud from a more traditional system. But what are the benefits of shifting to the hybrid cloud from another cloud platform? Read More
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Every business wants to protect their operations from downtime and loss of data. But many companies don’t have the...

The landscape of disaster recovery solutions is shifting to accommodate changing IT needs. VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service...

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Getting your business into the cloud is one thing, but keeping it there is a whole different discussion. As more enterprises join the hybrid platform, proper backup, downtime access, and other...
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